If you’re a Leader, there are some specific reasons you should consider having a Coach

 Coaching Works!

 It will make you a better leader.  Maximising self-awareness of your strengths and behaviours.  It will improve your performance and job satisfaction. 

The benefits will also likely extend into your personal life, improving relationships and work life balance.

 You Will Have Blind Spots As A Leader

 Everyone has blind spots, and because they’re blind spots, we don’t know what they are.  If they’re not identified, they risk impacting your success as a leader.

We all perceive ourselves to be better than we are sometimes.  Coaching can shine a light on that gap between perception and reality, and how other people perceive us.

 You Get Less Feedback

 As you climb the corporate ladder, you’ll likely receive less feedback.  There are many reasons for this such as your team not feeling confident in delivering feedback.  Expectations also rise as your leader demands more from you.  Often feedback will only be forthcoming when you don’t meet expectations or do something wrong.  Without regular feedback how do you improve?

 We Resist Change Because It’s Hard!

 As a leader, you are likely facing change on a regular basis.  Not only do you have to deal with that yourself, but you also must help your team(s) with that change.  It can be easy to step back from this when it feels uncomfortable or hard.  Coaching can help you harness the power of behaviours, motivations, and psychology to navigate this successfully

 Habits and Autopilots

 Work demands can often be so great that we operate on autopilot, and this can mean we don’t always think things through as thoroughly as we should.  It is important to be intentional as a leader, to make great decisions and be clear in your focus.  We all naturally develop habits, and this can distract us from what is important.

 Coaching forces us to stay focused on what is important and to step away from the constant distractions – from other people and from ourselves.

 It’s Easier to Tell

 With work so demanding we look for the time saving shortcuts.  A ‘tell’ is a simple time saving short cut.  You tell your teams and individuals what do, instead of asking and involving them in the conversation.

 Coaching Has No Ulterior Agenda

 In business everyone has an agenda in a conversation.  That agenda can be intentional or unintentional.  It can be challenging to know if advice being given has your best interests at heart.  If an urgent work request benefits the organisation, or the individual asking.  If feedback from a peer is designed to help you more forward or hold you back.

 A coach has no agenda other than to help you more forward with your thinking and your goals.  Our whole focus is on you and what you want to achieve.


 It can be difficult as a leader to speak our true feelings for fear of judgement.  As you climb the leadership ladder, the number of people you feel comfortable opening up to can also reduce, leaving you feeling alone, unsupported or even isolated.

 Coaching provides a safe space where you can speak your thoughts without fear of judgement, and explore how you want to move forward with those thoughts and feelings.


 As a leader collaborating with a coach, you can expect many benefits:

 ·         Improved self-awareness – crucial in leadership.  Achieve self-awareness, lose self-assumptions and work on your weaknesses.

 ·         Emotional Intelligence – essential in your leadership.  You need the ability to recognise and balance your emotions.  To be able to stay calm in challenging situations.  To be able to understand your team more effectively and engage with them on an individual and personal level.  These will lead to strong team relationships

 ·         Social Skills – Leaders deal with people every day from all levels of an organisation, as well as externally.  It’s important a leader can be a great communicator.  Clear thinking, able to convey information clearly and articulate your opinion effectively are important skills.

 ·         Empathy – It’s important as a leader that you understand how others feel.  It isn’t necessary to agree with someone, but it is important that you understand what they might be experiencing and how they feel

 ·         Improved Productivity – As you climb the leadership ladder the demands on your team will naturally increase.  It’s therefore essential that you focus your time on your most important goals

 There are also lots more general reasons for having a coach

 Move ‘Something’ from Good to Great

 You have something that is good, but you would like it to be so much better.  This could be something in your life, your business, a relationship, your career.

If you already know what ‘it’ you would like to be better but are not sure about where to start, then that’s a great time to work with a coach.

 Move ‘You’ from Good to Great

 It isn’t a ‘something’ that you want to be better.  It’s ‘you’ that you want to be better.

Many people know or believe that they are made for more, that they are capable of more and that that they want to achieve that sooner rather than later.  A great coach can help you get there.

 Big Change is Happening

 Most of us find change difficult at some point in our lives.  Even if it’s something that you absolutely want it can still be challenging.  A coach absolutely believes in you and will help you make those important choices as simple as possible and to navigate change confidently.

 You Want to Make More Money

 A great life or career will invariably involve money and depending on the goal – perhaps quite a lot of it.  People often turn to coaches when they want to step up or step out in a new direction – starting their own business for example.  A coach can help you overcome the internal blockers you might have about making more money.

 You Want to Invest in 'You'

 To achieve the business, you dream of, or the life your desire, you will need to invest in you. This might potentially involve time, money, risk, effort, and all of those can take courage. A coach can help you to stop dreaming and start taking action to move you forward and make those dreams a reality.

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