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Group Coaching

Team Coaching

Group leadership coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group content.  It is an intimate conversation space, focused on:

Goal setting
Deepening awareness around key issues
Taking action

Group Leadership Coaching Benefits

Group leadership coaching offers many benefits for clients who often enjoy the connections formed with other participants

As a result, clients benefit from peer learning with others.  This is known as the 'collective wisdom' of the group  

Many clients find the group coaching process less intense, for example.  Giving more time to reflect and integrate their insights

In a corporate setting, group coaching can be much more scaleable.  It can also open communication between silos / departments or group members in different parts of the organisation.  In reality, over time these relationships can create a valuable network across an organisation

Prior to group leadership coaching, each member will receive one-to-one time with the coach.  Not only does this allow the coach to get to know more about them but also helps them appreciate their goals and success measures.  The coach can also answer any questions the client might have

Furthermore, each session will have a topic or theme that the coaching will focus on

In summary, group leadership coaching can be a more cost effective than one-to-one, but it can feel 'broad' in comparison to the 'deep' dive that often occurs in one-to-one coaching

Team coaching can help teams reach their goals.  At the same it time creating an ongoing environment that nurtures engagement, team health and wellbeing, and success.

Additionally, team coaching helps a team:

Align around a common purpose
Establish a collective vision
Create health team relationships with well-defined roles
Work through unresolved conflict
Ensures all individuals are accountable for their behaviours as well as their outcomes
That constructive decisions are made in line with collective team goals

How Do You Find The Right Coach For You?

Check Your coaches professional qualifications.  Which coaching body are they accredited by?

• International Coach Federation (ICF)

• Association for Coaching (AC)

• Institute of Learning & Management (ILM)

• European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

Katy is accredited by the International Coach Federation

Do they practice what they preach?

Just as you look to continue your professional development so does Katy  

This ensures you receive coaching which is not only governed by principles and ethics to help you succeed, but that Katy will have a variety of tools and techniques at her disposal to benefit you

Do you need tailored help?

By understanding your challenges, Katy can provide specialist knowledge to help you reach your goals

Don't take Katy's word for it...

Katy has numerous testimonials and recommendations giving you peace of mind you've made the best choice

But if you're still unsure why not... 

Chat with Katy today

Your outcome driven, heart centred leader, coach, and mentor

Outcome Driven Results
Group Leadership Coaching 

Gain the skills and confidence to...


Any feelings of self-doubt, stress or overwhelm.


Increased motivation, creativity and inspiration.


A powerful ripple effect with lasting, positive and impactful change.

Develop into a brilliant leader

Avoid the pitfalls by using proven tools and techniques and experience gained through a leadership career spanning 20 more than years

Here's What My Clients Say About My Group Leadership Coaching

Real reviews from some of our customers

Katy Is Bursting With Knowledge

"Katy is bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm in leadership skills.  If you're new to management and not getting the organisational support you need - then Katy could help - maybe even take you onto your next managerial promotion."


Passionate About Her People

"I have worked with Katy for several years, and can attest to how hard-working, conscientious and caring she is...

As a leader she is passionate about her people and strives to ensure the best working environment she can attain for them."


Time With Katy Was Priceless

""Katy helped me immensely when coaching me through a challenging decision I needed to make.  She skilfully helped me make a complex situation simple which tool the stress out of the situation.

Her personable nature instantly put me at ease and it felt more like to talking to a friend than a coach.  Time with Katy was priceless and I would recommend anyone looking for a coach to get in touch with her."


Your Questions Answered

If after reading this you still have questions, don't hesitate to give me a call.

How Many People Will Be In A Group

Group coaching can be in person or virtual and groups can be as large as 10 or 15 individuals, but it is typically much smaller - particularly in a virtual environment

How Do I Take Part In Group Coaching?

Register your interest at katy@katyhopeconnections.co.uk and when there are enough to run a group one will be scheduled

Will I Have To Coach Other Group Members?

No.  But you will be asked to share your thoughts and insights to contribute to the 'collective wisdom' of the group1

What If I Have A Specific Topic I Want To Discuss?

If you have something specific you want to explore, this might not be covered entirely in group coaching.  The collective group agree on the discussion topics.  If you have something very specific it might be more beneficial to consider one-to-one coaching

Develop into a brilliant leader

Avoid the pitfalls by using proven tools and techniques and experience gained through a leadership career spanning 20 more than years

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